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Mmnungdu Mutation Guide
For the most part, Mmnungdu are light-colored, since they live in an arctic environment. However, there are dark-colored individuals, and most Mmnungdu has some sort of marking or pattern.
Markings are generally pretty even as far as distribution, although they tend to be more common and more distinct in Mmnungdu born during warmer weather.
Known Markings:
-Hip Stripes- Striping appears on the hips.
-Stripes- Stripes occur all over the body.
-Spots- Spots occur all over the body.
-Bands- thin bands appear all over, but are mainly focused around the torso.
-Tummy- The ventral side of the individual is colored.
Mutations among the Mmnungdu are fairly common, with over half of the population showing mutations at any one time. Due to the lack of an actual census, mutations are instead ranked by rarity rather than percentages.
Night-Backed (Common)
-Dark markings on a light-colored body.
:iconsuperrara:SuperRara 4 4
Mmnungdu Species Information
Mmnungdu (singular, Mmnungdu) are bipedal, furry insectoid beings hailing from an unnamed moon of an unnamed planet, which is known to the Mmnungdu as "the eternal eye of the living mountain". Mmnungdu is a simplified version of what the Mmnungdu actually call themselves, which is nearly impossible to pronounce unless you are either a Mmnungdu or have insectoid mouthparts. It translates to "people of the living mountain". The moon the Mmnungdu live on is large for a moon, and potato-shaped. It is extremely icy and mountainous, with high winds, cold temperatures, and a high amount of volcanic activity. There is very little plant-life, most of which is cold-resistant algae that live under the ice and lichens.
Height (At Head):  12 to 15 ft/366 to 457 cm
Weight: 2,000 to 2,500 lbs/ 907 to 1,134 kg
Lifespan: 150-250 years
Omnivorous (Since their planet lacks significant plant-life, the "her
:iconsuperrara:SuperRara 7 10
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Mad Scientist Extraordinaire!
United States
Edit: Sorry for having this pop up again guys. Also sorry for doing a shameless adoptable plug, which I NEVER do, but I want this baby to haaaatch. XD Views and favs people. Views and favs.


Okay, first off, sorry for the lack of activity. My days have consisted of going to school, going to swimming, going to numerous volunteer things, doing homework, and going to bed. :|

Second, HP Deathly Hallows ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF SO HARD THEY FLEW ACROSS THE THEATER AND HIT THE SCREEN WITH A SICKENING SPLAT. Oh, and my shoes brained a couple of non-book-reading heretics on the way. :|

The movie was awesome. It was the most true to the book of any HP movies. I will not say anything else because you must see it to believe it and plus my typing is horrible because I hardly sleep. And I get to work until 11  tonight. It's gonna be fuuuuuuunnn...

Anywho, lastly but certainly not leastly, I am SUPER excited for THIS GEM RIGHT HERE.…

Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in cowboy outfits fight aliens.

I think I had a dream like that once.

It was AWESOME. :|

Also, I like this face. :|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|


SuperRara has started a donation pool!
80 / 200
:bulletblack: I just want some points so that I can commission people in turn.
:bulletblack: Feel free to donate out of the goodness of your heart, but if you really need motivation, just note me and I'd be happy to do you some art in return!
:bulletblack: Quality of the art will coincide with the amount of points given~

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